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    The team at Horsham Veterinary Hospital appreciates that great things come in small packages.  Specialising in caring for companion animals, we will be your partner in ensuring your furry friends live the happiest and healthiest life possible. Read more >

  • Horsham Veterinary Hospital is an ASAVA Accredited Hospital of Excellence

    Rest assured you are receiving the highest level of care and professionalism in one of only few accredited hospitals based in regional Victoria. Read more >

  • Where the animal-human bond begins.

    Puppy Pre-School is your first step in turning your adorable but mischievous new puppy into a well-adjusted and sociable adult dog. Read more >

Puppy Pre School

Welcome to Horsham Vet Hospital

Horsham Veterinary Hospital (HVH) is located in Horsham and has been serving the Wimmera since 1957.  Specialising in the health care of companion animals, we deliver a comprehensive range of services to promote the health and wellbeing of your pets.
We are an ASAVA Accredited Hospital of Excellence providing you with the best in services and veterinary care. We strongly believe, promote, and encourage the human-animal-veterinarian bond and will listen carefully to all of your needs and concerns regarding your pet... >>

  • ‘My Jack Russell dog, Button, is very precious to me so I am extremely pleased and praiseworthy of the treatment she has received to keep her in good health over many years at the Horsham Veterinary Hospital...'

    -Dr John B Nunn OAM MACE

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  • ‘I have been taking my pets to the Horsham Veterinary Hospital on Dimboola Road since 1990.  I have found Dr Debbie and all the staff extremely helpful and obliging right down to the receptionist...'

    Pat Anderson

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  • ‘As the owner of two pedigree American Ragdoll cats (who love being pampered), a Pedigree German Shepherd bitch and a Golden Retriever X dog, Horsham Veterinary Hospital is almost a home away from home for all of us...'

    Helen Flemming

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  • 'Willis our treasured black Labrador is almost 13 years old and he loves visiting his caring friends, the staff, at Horsham Vet Hospital...'

    -Geoff and Shirley Kerr

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  • IS MY DOG JUST GETTING OLD OR IS SOMETHING ELSE GOING ON? 20 Jun 17. Is my dog just getting old or is this something else? Many people assume that stiffness and slowing down is a normal part of their pets ageing process, but what if it is something else? Below is a written account from a client who thought just that! We have a beautiful...

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